When it comes to selecting the best background for headshots, it’s important to understand a couple of things. We always tell our prospective clients that our headshots are not just snap shots or like passport photos. We give careful thought as to what goes in to the look of each headshot session. With that being said, let’s discuss one of the most important elements of a headshot session, the background.

When shooting for a new headshot, always keep in mind the ways that you intend to use the headshots. Doing this will help you to narrow in on what type of background you require for the final product. Let’s discuss the 3 most common types of backgrounds for headshots.

White Headshot Background

Best Background for Headshots

The most common background you will see for headshots will be white. But just because it may be common, it may not be the best option for you. A white background is very beneficial for a few reasons. The first reason is when you are wearing something that you want the colors to really stand out. The second reason is for uniformity with other team members and staff. The third reason is for graphics reason concerning marketing. Shoot on a white background is really helpful for graphic artists that have to remove the background and maybe composite you into an image.

Grey Headshot Background

Best Background for Headshots

Your grey backgrounds or darker backgrounds are useful for more higher level executives and leadership. It helps to give you the look of a portrait which can be used as a headshot or displayed prominently in a public space. Darker backgrounds also allow for you to use a little bit more creative lighting which impacts the look and effect of the image.

Environmental Background

Best Background for Headshots Environmental

Environmental headshots should be used when you want your background to be an important element in your headshot. This is usually for leaders who work in spaces familiar to the public. We have found that photographing our clients “in their own spaces” helps to create a level of comfort. This comfort always translates well in the photographs.

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