Growing up and seeing Dr. Frederick K.C. Price minister on television was such a unique opportunity. He was the first African American to broadcast ministry on television. Dr. Price was definitely a trailblazer and set the stage for church broadcast on television and online as we see them today. Fast forward 30+ years and I never would believe that I would have the opportunity to photograph this iconic man. For about six years, I traveled west to Los Angeles to Crenshaw Christian Center to photograph the FICWFM (The Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries) conference. It was always an enjoyable three days because of the conference and the chance I had to explore Los Angeles, California. A few key things that will always remain with me about Dr. Price was his attention to detail, posture towards truth and his meticulous quest for order.

On February 12, 2021, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price passed away. He left an incredible legacy of faith and impacted the lives of millions of people globally. These were are a few of my favorite images that we captured of him during our times in Los Angeles and without a doubt, they will be archived as some of our signature photographs.