In March of 2021, I received a call from portrait artist Mike Easton. On that phone call, he explained to me that he had been commissioned to paint a portrait of the Honorable Charles B. Day that would be displayed at the courthouse following his pending retirement. Mike and I partnered together and I photographed the judge to produce the reference photograph needed for Mike to paint the portrait. The deliverable to him was not only just the digital photograph itself, but different versions of the photograph in black and white, high key, low key and a few other requested options that would give Mike the details needed to bring the painting to life.

Yesterday, I attended the unveiling of the portrait at the United States Courthouse in Greenbelt Maryland. This was my first time seeing the finished piece and upon its unveiling, you could see the attention to detail all throughout the painting. An incredible job by Mike Easton!

Troy Woods with the Honorable Charles B. Day
A full courtroom to honor the judge.
Amazing painting by Mike Easton..details…detail…details!
The Artist & The Photographer
Years in the making. Looking forward to working together again soon.