Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

Wedding couples and everyone associated with making their day special, love destination weddings. It is a time of relaxation and the perfect idea if you are looking to have both your ceremony and reception in a tropical location. Yes, a destination wedding can be simply having a wedding in a city or state different from where you live, but in most instances, couples will travel to an island or country to make it happen. Also, in many situations, destinations may be more affordable. Sometimes the details are not as elaborate, but the savings by having your ceremony, reception and honeymoon at the same location. With that being said, we would like to offer your our Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips.

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

1. Book in advance

Treat your destination wedding like a vacation in the sense of making sure you book it well in advance. As all travel, the further out you can book things, the more likely you are to experience cost savings.

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

2. All Inclusive Resort Amenities

This is a huge benefit. If you are having your close family and friends attend you destination, have all inclusive resort amenities to include food and beverages is a major benefit because it will add to the experience of your wedding.

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

3. Say No to the Resort Photographer

If  photographs are important to you, try your best to have your own photographer accompany you to the wedding. No, this isn’t necessarily an advertisement for our photography services (although we love destination weddings), but the resort photographers take very basic photos. They typically place all couples in the same settings for their photographs and the photos often times look like photos you would take from a family outing.

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

4. Have a Valid Passport

You would be surprised to find out how many people think about their passport at the last minute. The normal processing time is slow and the expedited processing time is expensive. Make sure to check your passports as soon as you decide on having a destination wedding.

Top 5 Destination Wedding Tips

5. Do not Depend on the Resort Planner

Before you travel to the wedding, make sure that you have documented your own ideas on how you would like your wedding day to unfold. When you arrive at the location, share your ideas with the venue coordinator. If something needs to be added or scaled back, at least most of your desires and wishes will be accommodated.

Favorite Destination Wedding Locations

Many have also asked us places we recommend for a destination wedding. We’d like to list a few of our favorite locations:

Banyan Tree Mayakoba (Mexico)

Sandals Grande Antigua

To discuss booking us as your photographer for your destination wedding, CLICK HERE.

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